Customer Registration

This is the screen where you register as a customer with the website.

Email address

Enter your current email address. This is a required field.

Confirm Email address

Re-enter your current email address in this field. This is a required field.


Enter a password. Password are between six and 20 characters, without spaces, and accept only letters/numbers. This is a required field.

Confirm password

Re-enter your password for confirmation by the system. This is a required field.

Degree Goal

Select your degree goal by using this dropdown menu. If your degree goal is not listed in the dropdown menu, select the "Other" option and enter a degree goal in this field. The Other field contains no more than 20 characters.

Graduation Year

A single year is entered in this field using four digits. For example, you enter a graduation year as 2005, 2006, etc.

Email Notifications

You may choose whether or not to receive emails particular to your school. You also can choose whether or not to receive emails particular to your subjects of interest. Click the checkbox next to your preferences.

Email Format

You may choose between HTML and Text Only if you wish to receive an email notification.

Click the Register button when you have completed the information. If any of the above fields have not been properly completed, the system informs you of any errors. If all the submitted information is valid and complete, the system saves the username, password and logs the date and time of registration. The system will email you confirmation of your registration.

If you registered as a result of being prompted to login, you will return to the process that started the login request. If not, you will be presented with the bookstore's homepage.